Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds to Make More Coffee

By November 3, 2016

Love coffee? Ever felt that it is such a waste throwing away the coffee grounds after one use as they still have a strong scent? Many people will have such question. Then, can you reuse coffee grounds for the next pot of coffee? Or to say, how many times can you use coffee grounds? 

can you reuse coffee groundsYou can reuse coffee grounds to make more coffee. The second brew might be drinkable, but it will have a disproportionately small amount of caffeine and other flavor compounds which may affect the flavor of the coffee. So, it is best for you to use the coffee grounds once.

Is there any reason you shouldn’t you reuse coffee grounds?

Coffee has an optimal amount of extraction that is necessary for the tasty cup. And to reuse coffee grounds would water down the coffee, thus making the coffee extremely bitter or tasteless. Brewing a perfect coffee of coffee is an art. Coffee to water ratio, water temperature, steeping time and brewing methods all matters. If you are keen on tasting better coffee, do not reuse the coffee grounds. Do not feel it is a waste to use the coffee grounds once.
drink coffee

  • First brew: sweet, ripe, transparent, complex and acidity
  • Second brew: Bitter, lacking sweet, salty and empty

Second brew coffee gives you such a bad experience, then why not give up it?

Tips of using coffee grounds:

reuse the coffee grounds

  1. If you want to save the amount of coffee grounds, then try to brew a larger batch of coffee all in one go.  I find that I use less grounds for an 8-cup stainless steel carafe than for 8 individual cups.
  2. Do not throw away the used coffee grounds. It has many unique uses. It can absorb adors, fertilize your garden, grow mushrooms and so many other uses.

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