Can you make a latte art with regular coffee?

By September 18, 2020

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Latte art is an excellent thing for a new coffee barista and a great way for coffee lovers to pamper friends and families at the end of a meal. It is usually made on espresso, a type of Italian coffee that is brewed through stream pressure to push the water out of the coffee grounds. You may be asking, can you use regular coffee instead to make a latte? The answer is yes, and now let me explain more for you.

Why espresso is usually used to make a latte art

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Coffee beans used for espresso are generally roasted for a longer period of time, and the espresso machines work to press the coffee grounds to produce coffee with stronger, more intense flavor. This is why people tend to use espresso to make latte art. The steamed milk added in it will just help balance the flavor and make the espresso taste sweeter.

You can still make latte art with regular coffee

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However, that doesn’t mean you have to use espresso all the time. You can still make latte art with regular coffee, without using an espresso maker. But because you don’t brew coffee by the espresso method, you will not have the flavor as strong as that in a cup of espresso with latte art. So how exactly? Here’s our guide:

  • 1, Brew the coffee: You can just use a normal coffee machine to make the coffee, or for a stronger coffee, use an Aeropress machine or a French press coffee maker instead.
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  • 2, Steam or froth the milk: Store the milk in a microwave-safe jar with a lid. Close the lid and then shake the jar until the froth doubles in volume. After that, take off the lid and put the jar into the microwave for about half an hour. As an alternative, you can use a milk frother to froth the milk.
  • 3, Add the warm milk into coffee: Pour the heated milk into the coffee. Take care not to let the froth run in.
  • 4, Now make latte art as you like: Lean your cup and get the jar with milk close to the cup (around 0.5cm), then pour the milk foam into the cup while moving your wrists quickly until a pattern appears on the surface of the coffee. Finally, you can also add s sprinkle of cocoa powder or nutmeg as a garnish!


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