Can you do exercise during pregnancy

By June 6, 2022

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It seems that pregnancy incorporates lots of sitting, as you get tired more easily than usual. However, to adjust yourself to your physical change, you can absolutely stick to a regular exercise routine during pregnancy.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Studies show that exercise during pregnancy can help improve your posture and relieve the discomforts like fatigue, backaches, constipation and bloating. Regular exercise can also boost your mood, improve sleep, and strengthen the muscle tone necessary for labor and delivery.

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How to exercise safely during pregnancy

30 minutes per day, 5 times a week is recommended for most pregnant women. You can lower the amount of exercise based on your need, as long as you keep active during pregnancy.

If you have exercised regularly before pregnancy, keeping the same level would be OK. But as long as you feel uncomfortable, lower the amount or intensity level of exercise right away. If you were not active before pregnancy, exercising when pregnant will do good for you, too. Just make sure you start small with like 10 minutes of physical activity per day and then gradually increase the duration to 30 minutes.

Do warm-up before exercise; stretch and cool down afterward. Drink enough water to keep you hydrated. Never push yourself too hard or do strenuous exercise in hot weather.

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Exercise to do during pregnancy

Common exercise during pregnancy includes walking, indoor stationary cycling, and swimming. You can also take the exercise classes designed for pregnant women. Just make sure your teacher knows you’re pregnant and how many weeks pregnant you’re.

Avoid exercises and activities that can harm you, including:

  • Exercises where falling is likely, such as horse riding and downhill skilling.
  • Exercises that ask you to lie flat on your back
  • Exercises at high altitude
  • Exercises that ask you to run, jump, hop, skip etc.
  • Contact activities like kickboxing, basketball, and volleyball
  • Hot yoga or hot Pilates 

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Do not exercise during pregnancy if…

In spite of the benefits of exercise, you should not exercise during pregnancy if you have the conditions as below:

  • Cervical problems
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Low placenta
  • History of early birth
  • Severe anemia

Consult your doctor before deciding to start your exercise program. They’ll offer you some professional tips according to your medical history.

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