Can lemon tea help you lose weight?

By October 26, 2020

It is becoming more and more popular for people to lose weight by drinking lemon tea as they think it is healthier than other alternatives such as drinking coffee or taking pills. However, this kind of tea is not suitable for everyone to drink. Why?

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Most nutrition experts think drinking lemon tea can really make a difference to the body shape; what’s more, it can spur the outbreak of inner energy and erase out the waste created by the inner body system. You might think it might be a little too acerbic for your stomach to digest. But it has been proved that your worries can be reduced to nothing as the lemon won’t create any acerbic elements once it is digested and metabolized. The lemon has a specialty of alkalizing blood, which is a sound bodyguard to protect our body against most disease invasions.

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However, if you want to use lemon tea to lose weight, then you must do it by yourself rather than buy the finished products for sale. The lemon drinks, most of which are added with man-made VC and lemon acid, will give you a good flavor but with a minimized effect of weight loss. The sugar will be transferred to be lipid and make you heavier and heavier.

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DIY the lemon tea is not as difficult as we used to regard. Just put the lemon juice into the water and throw out the peels and lemon flesh, or add the flesh into the tea if you prefer a thicker flavor.
Here are some warm tips for your reference.
Do not use warm water to make the lemon tea as it will damage lemon’s flavor and its nutrition. And do not drink the lemon tea on an empty stomach, which might lead to a stomachache because of the acid stimulus.

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More is better is not always working, so is the drinking of lemon tea. Drinking too much might cause you a surplus of nutrition; as you know, it has too many vitamins and acids.
Remember to brush your teeth after drinking the lemon tea.
It is better to drink it half an hour later after you eat your meal, which can avoid a malfunction of your digest system.

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Last but not least, you can put lemon peels into your tea as the peels have the most nutrition. So the weight loss effect will be doubled.

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