Can all the outdoor activities stop short eye sight

By January 6, 2023

As parents, most of us will be concerned more about children’s eyesight. As they do not have free time during the daytime, most of the children will go out at night to relax and do exercise. But those activities at night cannot prevent the eyes from being short-sighted. Why?

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The prime time to do outdoor activities

Most of the parents complained that even though kids are driven out to have a walk or do exercise after dinner for almost one hour, the effect of stopping short eyesight is still unperceivable. There is one point that we should make sense is prime to do sports. It is during the daytime instead of at night or in the evening that we should take to do sports. During the daytime, our eyes can be exposed to an exuberant amount of sunshine, which is 10-1000 times stronger than that inside the house. The natural light is friendly to our eyes in an even distribution. What’s more, outdoor activities can moderate the secretion of melatonin and dopamine which are beneficial to the development of the ocular axis.

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Outdoor activities on a cloudy day

When the environmental light intensity reaches above 1000LUX, it is sensible to talk about stopping the short eyesight. So even on a cloudy day, the light intensity can easily meet the requirement. But one thing you should know about that is the total period of time spent outside should be at least 200 minutes. And most kids enjoy more staying outside on a cloudy day than on a sunny day because it is more pleasant and cool.

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Doing sports outside

Most of the kids are fed with lessons such as football, tennis even golf to have enough outdoor activities. It seems that only by sports can our eyes be well protected. But this is the common mistake most parents will make. The key to outdoor activities is the sunshine, not the sports. Even some research has been carried out to show that sports are essential in protecting the eyes, but when compared with sunshine, its influence can be reduced to nothing. So even if children do not want to play outside, they can just sit there without moving. An enjoyment of sunshine is enough to meet this purpose.

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