Best Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Hands

By February 17, 2017

home remedies for dry cracked hands

Beautiful snow comes in the winter, so do the cracked  hands and chapped lips! And too much dish washing of household chores often brings the cracked hands, which may eventually ruin your day because of the horrible painful and itching sense. Want to moisturize parched skin and say goodbye to the cracked hands? There are several quite awesome home remedies for your dry cracked hands. Keep reading this article to see these home remedies in details.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel

This is a great home remedy for the cracked hands. And it contains the natural essence of aloe, moisturizing factor, cleaning effect, which greatly cares for your skin. Every day before sleeping, take some vera gel and apply it to your dry cracked hands. For better effect, cover your hands with plastic wrap and a warm towel, which could make your skin absorb the aloe vera gel more effectively and efficiently.



Not only for eating, banana can also help you heel dry crafted products. Take out a banana (the riper, the better), peel and then mash it. Then apply it to your dry cracked hands. Your hands would be smooth like before after three to five days.

Rice Vinegar

rice vinegar

To deal with the dry cracked hands, soak your hands in the hot water with rice vinegar added for half hour. The hot water can help remove the dirt and grime on your hands, while the rice vinegar can not only promote the blood circulation but also exfoliate skin and remove the dead skin. After soaking, dry out your hands and apply a layer of thick petroleum jelly on your cracked parts.

Baking soda

backing soda

Prepare some baking soda and dissolve that in the warm water. Then let your dry crafted hands soaked in the mixture. And stick to doing that once every day, there will be a difference after two weeks or so. You will find that the cracks on your hands will be eliminated a lot at last.



I guess you have never thought about that potato could work for solving the dry cracked hands problem, as it’s only for eating in your mind. Well, potato does work for coping with the cracks. Peel the potato, steam it (you can use the vegetable steamer) and mash it up. Then, mix it with the petroleum jelly and rub that mixture on the cracked parts of your hands. And it’s needed to do that no less than once each day, repeat rubbing that as long as you are free. A couple of days later, it would pay off.

Olive oil

olive oil

Regularly massage the olive oil on your hands. And this would help moisturize the skin greatly and keep your hands from dryness.


tea bags

Do you know the leftover tea can help you heel your dry crafted hands?  Add more hot water into the leftover tea and soak your cracked hands in before sleep. One week later, the cracks on your hands will disappear gradually. Finally, you will get the hands which are smooth like before. (Lean more on uses of used tea bags)

As long as you take good care of your hands, your hands can hardly suffer from cracks and dryness. And once your hands get dry and cracked, just apply the above home remedies. You will see they can really make a difference!

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