Best black tea bags

By January 26, 2018

To store and brew the canned tea can cause too much trouble (preferably with a tea bag), so it’s better that there are a large number of tea bags in the imported supermarket. Common black tea bag brands include Lipton, Dilmah, Stassen, Twinings, Akbar, Ahmad al Bond, Harrods, Alokozay, Mabroc, etc. Except the Mabroc of Sri Lanka, most black tea bag brands are old brands.

Top 1 Favor

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 Favor black tea is a famous black tea brand in the whole world. After years of unremitting researches and innovation made by experts, the world-renowned black tea brand has more than a dozen series and more than fifty varieties according to the different tea drinking habits of European and Asian people. The products are produced strictly in accordance with relevant international standards such as the Sri Lanka tea committee and that of the European Union, which exported to many countries, including the United States, Japan, Russia and Europe, and are well received. On the basis of keeping the fragrance and mellow, as well as its magnificent quality and wholly-new appearance, and perfectly combined with the greetings and blessing of the people of Sri Lanka to land in China, which has achieved the perfect combination of the tea culture of Sri Lanka and the Chinese tea culture.

Top 2 Lipton

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Lipton is the world’s largest tea brand. It represents both a tea expert and an international, fashionable and urbanizing life. For more than a hundred years, Lipton has always maintained the excellent quality and aroma of successive generations. As a brand of Unilever, Lipton has a relatively large market share in China’s big cities. It takes advantage of high-grade consumption market as the breakthrough, makes full use of various publicity methods, such as appearing in movie and television films, appearing in the articles of various fashion magazines, appearing in online novels, etc., and burying the Lipton brand in the consumer’s mind in a subtle way.

Top 3 Twinings

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      Queen Victoria of England issued the first royal appointment in 1837, Twinings tea was designated as royal tea, and the honor had been followed until now. The royal family, including the Queen herself, the Queen’s mother and the Prince Charles, were very pleased with the tea. In 1717, Mr. Tang also opened a special black tea shop “Golden Lion,” and was deeply appreciated by the Queen Victoria, George V, Edward VII, etc. Fortunately, in 1972 and 1977, Twinings tea was awarded the Queen’s Medal, becoming the first tea company to be allowed to export, thus successfully entering the market of the world tea culture.

Top 4 Dilmah

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Features: Bagged black tea with strong taste of Sri Lanka

In 1988, the first Dilmah was established in Sydney, Australia, a 21-year history and one of Sri Lanka’s most important black tea producers. This is a kind of black tea bag with strong flavor of Sri Lanka, with a clean aroma and fresh taste. After three bubbles, the flavor of the tea soup was weakened, but with light fragrance of flowers. The deficiency is that the taste is strong, bitter and astringent, and the astringent is more prominent.

Top 5 Chali

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Features: Unique sugar fragrance, and use the original leaf bag to bubble.

The tea uses a high-quality all-bud-head raw leaf as the raw material, the whole style is smooth. The soup color is in light orange-red, and it has bright color, and has relatively long-lasting sugar aroma, the tea soup inlet is sweet, and the long-lasting state is always maintained. For tea lovers favoring sweet taste, this tea can be a good choice.


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