Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee – Why Cold Brew Coffee

By June 20, 2017

cold brew coffee benefitsCoffee always plays an essential role in the American diet, you can find people brewing up and drinking down cup after cup in a busy morning, an exhausted noon or even a sleepy night! A new research shows that cold brewed coffee with its distinct tastes has won good reputation widely. But what sets it apart from traditional coffee? Is it good for our health? Here’re benefits of cold brew coffee.

Powerful antioxidant

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Green coffee is a great antioxidant; however, the higher the temperature, and the longer the exposure, the more of the antioxidants are destroyed. Coffee prepared at low temperatures preserves a higher ratio of antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans is a powerful antioxidant, but it is extremely sensitive to heat. Chlorogenic acid itself is a reason for you to drink coffee every day, but roasting the coffee beans is detrimental to the health of this amazing antioxidant.

Better choice for your stomach

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Coffee contains many phytochemicals, antioxidants and other nutrients that that are good for our health. Unfortunately, drinking coffee can sometimes lead to acid reflux or similar problems. Luckily, some research has shown you can still have your daily coffee if you brew it cold. Cold brews typically use a process we like to call ‘low and slow’: brewing beans at a low temperature in water for 16 hours. The result is cold brewed coffee is far less acidic than regular one, according to a number of scientific studies, and some say cold brew coffee even has a sweeter taste because of its lower acidity.

Lower caffeine content

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Cold brew coffee contains about 40 milligrams caffeine per 100 grams of coffee. This is 20 milligrams less than your regular drip coffee from the coffee shop. Sure, many people only drink coffee for the energy jolt, but for some, even a sip over the daily coffee dose can lead to serious problems anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. If your afternoon drink needs to be even less caffeinated, the best option is to mix it with chicory. This way you have a strong coffee, without the caffeine.

Unique delicate flavor

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An attribute that seems to be heavily debated between the two types is flavor. Some people hold the view that Cold-brew coffees are much more flavorful than hot coffees, cool-water brew method allows for the beans to hold in more of their flavor than with a hot-water approach, where some beans get too scorched and lose their flavor altogether. However, the others believe that hot brew coffees are more full-bodied and flavorful when compared to cold brew. Cold varieties take longer to brew due to the decreased solubility, and because of the lower extraction rate, they are less aromatic and tend to taste flat vs. hot brews.

Though there are lots of benefits of cold brew coffee, it all comes down to personal preference in the end. If you’re looking for more energy, hot brew might be your best bet. But if you want less acid and a smoother taste, reach for the cold stuff.

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