Are all the sports good for your kids

By December 30, 2022

We are always talking about the outdoor activities are good for children’s health and eyes, but not all outdoor sports are good for them.

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The tug of war for kids under 7

When playing it, the kids have to bend their bodies forward or backward and the limbs are kept in the same position, especially when the two rivals are a match for each other, the kids have to keep the same gesture for a long time.

But the kids’ joints and bones are very tender and gentle, which are vulnerable to damage. If their muscles are in a continuous contraction, they will consume too much oxygen and nutrition, so the tug of war for kids will lead to a deficiency of oxygen for the muscles or for the kids.

are all the sports good for your kids 2

Resistance force training

As more and more parents are indulged in resistance force training, their kids also take part in such training. According to some research, such resistance force training can help to build stronger bones and reduce the risk of being fact, but kids are weak in self-protection, their movements can not reach a standard level, so the risk of damaging the epiphyseal plate is quite high, and this is the major hindrance for the young to grow taller. The epiphyseal plate is also called the growth plate, lying between the bones, which is the most delicate and weakest part, it is even more delicate than ligaments and tendons.

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An over-high strength of running

The running training for kids should be set in different groups with a short distance. A long distance of running over too long time will add the risk of muscles damages, and repetition of ligaments dragging the knots and bones will affect the epiphyseal plate. What’s more, kids’ heart is much smaller than adults, so the contraction ability is worse then, and a high strength of running will put the heart under great pressure, which might lead to oxygen deficiency.

Sports can help kids to master all kinds of new skills and make them be more rigorous in life, and it can also teach them to work in a team and the sports spirit. A right sport can provide good chances for kids to enjoy the pleasures during the process and to cultivate good habits of keep exercising. So the single round of running for kids of 6-11 years old should be within 5 kilometers.  

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