8 tips to avoid bloating

By December 13, 2021

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No one likes this feeling: after a busy day you make up for yourself to have a nice dinner, however, you end up feeling rather full and tight in your stomach. Sometimes you may even exprience belching or cramps. All these are symptoms of bloating, which happens due to the gas buildup in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Fortunately, bloating can be alleviated with some changes in your living habits.

Eat slowly

You’ll easily gobble your food when you’re very hungry or in a rush. But you’re also swallowing too much air at the same time, which is the culprit of your abdominal bloating. Eat slowly, and you will feel more comfortable.

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Avoid soda or gum

For the same reason, you’d better not drink the bubbling soda. The soda itself already contains a large amount of carbon dioxide. Chewing gum will also cause you swallow air unconsciously.

Reduce salt intake

Too much salt not only leads to high blood pressure and other health problems, but it also strengthens water intention, which causes bloating. You can cut down on salt by using flavorful salt substitutes like lemon juice, vinegar, and garlic.

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Balance fiber intake

Fiber can help you fight against bloating and constipation, however, too much of it does the opposite. For a healthy diet, you should increase your fiber intake gradually so that you’ll know how your body reacts and make changes accordingly.

Avoid gas-producing food

If you are people who can easily get bloated, be careful with gas-producing food, including cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, beans, and dairy products. Don’t eat several of them at once or take them too much.

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Go for a walk

Exercise is a great way to improve bowel movement, so just get out and have a walk. If you do other vigorous exercises, sweating will also help your body release extra sodium.

Limit fatty foods

A delicious meal often contains high-fat food. This is why you tend to feel extremely bloated after a large, fatty meal. They are harder to digest and will stay in your digestive tract for longer.

Think about food intolerance

Sometimes it is food intolerance that causes bloating. Food intolerance makes the extra gas or gas production trapped in your stomach. Watch out for your diet, and once you find yourself intolerant to a specific food, get it out of your dietary list.

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