6 Ways to Drink Beer

By November 29, 2016

Do you like drinking beer? And how will you drink your beer except chug that in seconds? Here we will introduce 6 innovative but tasty ways to drink beer. 

Lemon Mint Beer

  1. 1. Add some mint to a cup of beer;
  2. 2. Add few lemon slices and ice cubes;

Lemon Mint Beer

Beer Ice Shavings

  1. 1. Pour beer into the ice cube tray;
  2. 2. Freeze it;
  3. 3. Crush the ice beer cubes;
  4. 4. Serve it with a few sprigs of mint;

Beer Ice Shavings

Ice Top Beer

  1. 1. Add a small ice cream scoop to a cup of beer;
  2. 2. Squeeze a bit of chocolate sauce, or something you like;

Ice Top Beer

Cotton Candy Top Beer

  1. 1. Mix granulated sugar and food coloring;
  2. 2. Pour the mixture into the cotton candy maker;
  3. 3. Place the cotton candy on the top of a cup of beer;

Hot Beer

  1. 1. Put the jujube, crystal sugar, Chinese wolfberry, orange and ginger slices into a pot;
  2. 2. Add 200ml water and boil it for 10 minutes;
  3. 3. Add some fermented rice and beer;
  4. 4. Micro boil and filter;

Hot Beer

Harry Potter Butter Beer

  1. 1. Heat a slice of 8g unsalted butter;
  2. 2. Add 6g brown sugar and some beer into the pot;
  3. 3. Stir and micro boil it;
  4. 4. Pour it into the whipped cream and stir evenly;
  5. 5. Top with mashed nutmeg;

Harry Potter Butter Beer

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  1. I’m not sure I will try all 6 unique ways to drink beer, but I will definitely try some of them.

  2. Yes, I love beer and will try any recipe with it as an ingredient

  3. I’ve tried German beer with raspberry syrup, but have never tried any of the ones shown here.

  4. Good grief! I might need a warm up drink before trying the Cotton Top!

  5. I would love to try these beer’s

  6. Cotton candy top beer

  7. Butter beer sounds like something to try.

  8. I would love to try these beers!

  9. Of course, I’ll try these! Beer boosts the immune system!

  10. They do look good, but I just don’t like beer.

  11. I don’t drink alcohol but will be showing my son these novel ways to drink beer

  12. The lemon mint beer looks refreshing on a hot day

  13. Very nice recipes. I would love to try them.

  14. Wow! These are some innovative ways to consumer beer, but I think I’ll pass on all of these methods. I think the craft brewers in the city would ban me if I admitted to adulterating their product.

  15. Very interesting recipes. Sure I would try them

  16. Ice Top Beer

  17. I am in LOVE with the cotton candy topped beer! So fun!

  18. No cotton candy for me but it sure looks pretty!

  19. Are there only 6 ways to drink beer…I thought there was about 20(at least)

  20. Oh dear. I think I like my beer plain…..

  21. My husband would love these ideas.

  22. Some of them

  23. yes i will try!

  24. Sorry. I don’t drink alcohol, just never enjoyed the taste

  25. That Ice Top Beer is a must have!

  26. I may try these

  27. Shared on Pinterest.I no longer drink beer for health reasons but if I did I think I would like to try the Hot Beer drink.

  28. yes, especially the slushy ones.

  29. I would try Lemon Mint Beer!

  30. My buddy and I love beer. We will try these out. Thanks for sharing.