How to Easily Remove Pilling from Sweaters

By December 26, 2016

We all love wearing our cozy sweaters, but no one likes remove pesky pilling all over them. So today, I am going to show you 6 simple and quick ways to remove pilling from sweaters, so you can stay warm and feel free all winter long. 

how to remove pilling from sweaters

Wash your clothes in laundry bags if possible, for the sake of preventing pilling. If your clothes already had those fuzzy pilling, always keep in mind not to pull pilling off with your fingers. This may seem like an easy solution, but this actually may damage the fabric and even ruin it. Try the following 6 ways to remove pilling from your sweaters. 

1. Use Scissors. It can be a little risky, because if you slip you could actually cut your garment. You’ve got be careful. Lay down your garment flat and pull it taut to see all the pilling. Then, pull up the pilling and take your scissors and cut closely to the garment. Repeat this until remove all pilling from your garment. 

emove Pilling with Scissors

2. Use A Razor. Lay your garment on a  flat surface. Pull it taut with one hand, and gently shave upward with the razor. Repeat until well doing. 

remove pilling with razor

3. Use Packing Tape. I wouldn’t recommend using this method unless you absolutely need to because it tends to unravel fibers.  Lay the garment on a flat surface and pull it taut. Lay the packing tape flat on the affected area. Gently roll upwards and out until the area is pill-free.

remove pilling with packing tape

4. Use Sweater Comb. Buy a small comb designed for removing pilling from sweaters, called sweater comb. Lay your garment flat and pull it taut. Then gently brush until all the pilling is gone. Remember not to push down too hard in case damaging the fabric. 

sweater comb

5. Use Sweater Stone. Lay your garment flat and pull it taut. Brush it all in the same direction with the sweater stone

sweater stone

6. Use Sweater Shaver. The last and final option which is my personal favorite is the sweater shaver. All you have to do is turning the sweater shaver on and then moving in circular motions over your garment. And the pilling will be gone in seconds. 

sweater shaver

What’s your own ways to remove pilling from sweaters, Share with us. 

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