5 indoor plants that absorb harmful radiation

By March 19, 2021

5 indoor plants that absorb harmful radiation-1

Plants are perfect decorations for our house, and they make us feel better by detoxifying the air and boosting our immune systems. Some of them are even regarded as a boon to the human race because they can absorb electromagnetic radiation from various devices, which is great for those slaves to the tech-savvy world. So today let’s learn about some plants that absorb radiation:


Cactus is quite efficient at absorbing radiation. Because radiation travels in a straight line, it is the most effective when you put the cactus between you and your computer. Putting cactus around your computer is also useful, as it can absorb the radiation bouncing around your room.

2.Stone lotus flower

5 indoor plants that absorb harmful radiation-2

Stone lotus flower is well known not only for its beauty but for its ability to purify the air quality of a place, that is, to eliminate the radiation in your room. The best part of this plant is it’s rather handy. It is typically kept in a small pot filled with stones, which can help retain moisture for 3-4 days.

3.Spider plant

Spider plant, or airplane plant, is a fairly common type of succulent. It is shown to have the ability to absorb a large amount of pollution and harmful gasses such as formic acid and Aldehyde. Now, you can just keep one at home to reduce television and cell phone radiation.

4.Rubber plant

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The rubber plant is an aesthetically pleasant indoor plant and the most effective plant when kept beside your electronic devices. It is relatively easy to maintain, though somewhat larger than other indoor plants.

5.Aloe vera

Aloe vera is another very beautiful plant that is perfect for home decoration. It is believed to have multiple medicinal uses and the ability to absorb radiation in the environment from home and convert it into breathable oxygen. Because of its radioprotective properties, you should place the aloe vera in a straight line from the device, just like you do with the cactus.

We surely understand how important it is to keep you and your families safe, and we are trying to give you some ideas to keep you living in healthy air. But please also remember that a large amount of radiation leads to a lot of health problems, such as allergies, cancer, stress, and more. Having such plants will definitely help you, but we also advise all our readers to reduce the time spending on electronic devices as well.

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