Trash to Treasure: 10 Uses for Old Coffee Grounds

By October 6, 2016

Wait! Do not swill the coffee grounds out into the sink. Trust me, coffee grounds has its unique uses that you’ve never think of.  

uses for old coffee grounds

Absorb Odors

Old coffee grounds can be used for absorbing odors in the refrigerator, the washroom, even in your shoes.

remove odors

Fertilize Your Garden

If you grow roses, jasmines, hydrangeas or other acid-loving plants, then the old coffee grounds may be the best fertilizer.

Fertilize Your Garden

Beauty Scrub

Mix coffee grounds and honey together to create a scrub for your face or body to keep your skin smooth and clean. Also, you can also use it to dislodge the black eye socket.

coffee grounds and skin

Hair Mask

Rub the grounds into your hair before shampooing and conditioning, which will make your hair glossy and shiny.

coffee grounds hair mask

Natural Dye

Old coffee grounds are able to dye your fabric and pepper. Also, you can make a beautiful painting with it.

coffee grounds as dye

Caffeinated Soap

Add old coffee grounds into your homemade soap. This can help you easily remove stains and dirt.

Caffeinated Soap

Homemade Candles

Do you love the smell of coffee? Then you can make candles at home with old coffee grounds.

Coffee Grounds Candle

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Grow the funnest fungi with some used coffee grounds.

coffee grounds mushroom

Increase Carrot Harvest

Mix coffee grounds with the carrot seeds before planting will make it easy to sow and also keep pest away.  

carrot harvest

Remove Furniture Stains

Warm water and old coffee grounds, this magical mixture helps you remove scratches on your wooden furniture.

clean wood furniture

Enjoy your cup of coffee at home, and then try this 10 uses of old coffee grounds. 

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  1. Thank you for all these coffee grounds tips! I knew of two of them, will try some of the others.