10 Household Repair Hacks You Should Know [Episode II]

By December 20, 2016

How about our Household Repair Hacks Episode I? Have you got for your daily household repair problems? Today, we’ll continue and introduct the last five to all of you.

Q: How about to pull out a nail out without leaving dirt?

A: How about a cleaning sponge? 

Household Repair Hack

Q: What to do when the wrench is a little bigger than the screw?

A: Well, you could add some coins…


Q: What if the clothes hook is loose…

A: Just insert a match, for example and then tighten up the screw once again. 

Household Repair Hacks to Loose Clothes Hook

Q: Sometimes we can’t find a suitable screwer, especially those smaller ones. Any DIY ways?

A: Surely, a paper clip can help you out. 36-48

DIY Household Repair Hacks

Q: When coming to house decoration, is there an easy way for object measurement?

A: A gasget is out of there. 

DIY Household Repair Hacks

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